Thursday, May 16, 11:30 AM-1 PM

Marketers, Don’t Accidentally Be Seen as a Hacker

Greater New Orleans Inc.

Cybersecurity is a top priority for almost every company today from SMBs to Fortune 500s and IT professionals are continually tightening access to their networks and educating users NOT TO CLICK. As a marketer, how do you overcome this not-to-click mentality and lack of trust? We'll discuss why cybersecurity matters to your company, most common hacking methods, and why marketers should care about working within the new confines of a cyber-secure marketplace. We'll review how to ethically: • Get your emails through the spam filters and clicked• Reach B2B prospective clients• Bypass most security measures About Perryn Perryn Olson – IT Business Consultant with My IT Perryn Olson is a sought after B2B marketer and business advisor who understands the impact both strategy and technology can have on a company’s growth and bottom line. He works hand-in-hand with My IT’s proactive support team and clients to secure their networks, educate their employees, and to implement best practices to protect and grow their companies. Perryn has developed business growth strategies for solopreneurs to multi-billion-dollar companies nationwide. He is a certified marketer with SMPS (Society of Marketing Professional Services), past president of SMPS Southeast Louisiana, and past co-chair of SMPS SRC 2015. He has spoken and written extensively within the build and tech industries, and in 2014, he wrote the Construction Executive’s Guide to Brand Marketing. Perryn is an Eagle Scout, a graduate of Loyola University New Orleans, and named one of Gambit's Forty Under 40 in 2010. He enjoys the outdoors, sports, and animals, in fact, he spent 5 years volunteering with the Audubon Zoo as an advanced animal handler and educator. Perryn lives outside of New Orleans with his wife, two daughters, and a husky.