Tuesday, Oct 22, 2019 8 PM

Molly Drag + Past Life + Doctors

Gasa Gasa
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4920 Freret St, New Orleans, LA
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Indie solo project Molly Drag creates a sense of wistful longing, heartache and noble beauty at Gasa Gasa on Oct.22nd Molly Drag is the solo project of Michael Charles Hansford started in Autumn of 2014. in London, Ontario then moving to Montreal in summer of 2016. Encouraged by dear friends and driven by a desire for expression through music and the hope to create emotionally connecting and healing art, now located in Montreal - Hansford began releasing music online as Molly Drag. Each release is self-created, recorded and produced and is an act of honest, and often raw expression; a true catharsis for artist themself and listener alike. The music of Molly Drag creates a sense of wistful longing, heartache and noble beauty; like exploring the rooms of your childhood home, long since abandoned, light timidly filtering through dust-covered windows, illuminating all the memories that once filled its walls.“Thumper is yet another work of honesty, emotion and nostalgic beauty; an exploration of memories long since buried, reconciliations and cautious hopefulness. Another chapter of earnest expression; another hope to provide solace for those who listen. “ - Tiny Mix Tapes“[Molly Drag is]” unflinching self-expression at its best, creating songs that hook themselves into the listener and refuse to leave, despite how much pain they hold.” - Noisey“...simultaneously evoking the beautiful, the uncanny, and the melancholic.” - The 405 “[Molly Drag’s] album feels less like a collection of songs and more like a soundtrack to the mist...the song-writing here is so solidly endearing that such listlessness becomes its notable, engaging heart.” - Gold Flake PaintFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/mollydragTwitter: https://twitter.com/mollydragInstagram Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/0BSHs2K1dFOf9ZsdevuOjh?si=Ur-73wq5TNiuyrdvtnPdBwSoundcloud Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCp28O0cHjW8UxqFrhWOyrOw DoctorsLeave your preconceived notions of pop music at the door. DOCTORS is here to flip the script of indie pop. Joe Culpepper, drums, Jonathan Joubert, vocals, keys and bass, Jacob Lewis, bass and guitar, and Mike Taylor, guitar, describe their hypnotic tracks as “dark pop.” Inspired by the brazenness of proto-punk and the sweet, synthesized sounds of EDM, DOCTORS is challenging the stereotype that pop music has to be simplistic and packed with feel-good messages. The bandmates are open about their struggles. They hate school. They hate work. They’ve got social anxiety and depression. But, with Jouberts dreamy lyrics and syrupy voice, they’re channelling all of that strife into easygoing, polished pop tracks that are a perfect soundtrack to the age of anxiety. Doctors Spotify https://www.facebook.com/d0ct0rz