Saturday, May 25, 5-7 PM

Monetizing Gentrification Presentation, Book Signing and Q & A

Community Book Center
Getting there
2523 Bayou Rd, New Orleans, LA

As a long time real estate investor and business owner, Mr. Thomas “TJ” Loftin (known as “TJ”) spent a lot of time observing business and real estate trends and watched some major disruptions in both areas. Therefore, TJ decided to travel the country to closely monitor them. He came to the realization that in less than a decade most people will not be able to afford real estate ownership or even be able to start a business and own the building that it’s in or possibly afford to rent the building. “We are raising the first generation of non-homeowners, and that’s dangerous.” So, TJ decided to write his first book, “Monetizing Gentrification” loaded with solutions and strategies to help people create generational wealth through real estate and business ownership. Come out for this FREE presentation, Q and A and book signing. Please come out an pick up your copy for $25.00 or order online for $31.95 to your door in the USA only.