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Moonchild is a combination of three independent, strong-willed spiritsAmber Navran [vocals, tenor saxophone, flute, keyboards, synth bass, drum programming], Andris Mattson [trumpet, flugelhorn, keyboards, synth bass, guitar, drum programming], and Max Bryk [alto saxophone, clarinet, keyboards, synth bass, drum programming]. The resulting union yields an ever-evolving fusion of alternative R&B and neo-soul. For as singular as each personality may be, they all participate equally in writing, producing, tracking, and mixing their records, collaborating as true equal partners. Not only do they create as a unit, but they also evolve, grow, and transform as one.Our chemistry as writers was pretty instantaneous from the start, explains Andris. The first tune we came up with, we all sat on a piano bench together and wrote as a unit. Nowadays, each of us has our own studio setup and are constantly making beats and writing songs on our own. Well often send each other emails of beats we made and then get together to expand them into full songs. We have so much trust in each other during the writing process.As Moonchild, the whole becomes greater than the sum of its partsnever more so than on their fourth full-length, Little Ghost [Entertainment One].After that first shared piano bench session at the University of Southern California, the group unveiled their debut Be Free in 2012. Please Rewind followed three years later, and 2017s Voyager saw them ascend to new critical peaks. NPR Music touted the record among, Five R and JAZZ FM named them Soul Act of the Year for 2018. Cure toppled 8 million Spotify streams, and The List exceeded 7 million plays on Youtube.Along the way, the trio performed headline shows everywhere from the United States and Europe to Asia, and supported other tours for the likes of The Internet, Kamasi Washington, and more. As they began writing and recording Little Ghost in 2018, the individual progression of each musician informed and elevated the creative process. While laying down tracks at a Lake Arrowhead retreat, Andris dove further into the guitar, incorporating it at the core of the new music. Sale Dates and Times: Public Onsale : Mon, 27 Jan 2020 at 10:00 AM