Thursday, Mar 12, 9 AM-12 PM

MTM Impact Symposium 2020

J.W. Marriott

The Metrics That Matter™ (MTM) Impact Symposium is evolving to meet changing workforce talent needs. At its core, it remains the industry’s premiere event for HR L&D leaders and professionals, particularly those who are using Metrics That Matter™. The 2020 symposium theme is Big Insights in the Big Easy. Based on feedback from attendees of the MTM Impact Symposium 2019, the 2020 symposium expands its topic coverage to include a selection of broader talent capability and innovation all of which have a measurement component that can drive insights and value. The goal is to provide a conference for talent leaders who are interested in supporting the development of talent capability and innovation in various industries. MTM Impact Community members and Explorance team will share ways to measure, report and act on data collected from a variety of HR processes to continuously listen to employees and inform leaders to better manage the employee experience and improve an organization’s talent capability and innovation. Save the date to jazz up your reporting strategy for big insights and unmask L&D’s contributions through more effective conversations with the business!