Tuesday, Jul 16, 8:30 AM-4 PM

N.O FEB Leadership Series – COLLABORATION

Getting there
800 West Commerce Road, Elmwood, LA

The Case for CoalitionsCollaboration in the workplace is vital to future success. When successful, power is unleashed, but it isn’t always effective. Come discover: ⦁ Keys to making coalition efforts successful⦁ How to strategically use the big three of coalitions: information, people and governance⦁ How you can personally improve your collaboration. WHY It’s Better to eat Twinkies Together than Broccoli AloneLoneliness is an epidemic in the workplace. What does unity and community look like inside (and outside) the workplace? We are wired to enjoy its power for positive results in personal and corporate health. Yet how do we create such a workplace? Audiences will discover: ⦁ How to impact your team and personal health⦁ Twenty ways to build your team⦁ How employee retention improves through work-place relationships