Monday, Jul 15, 8:30 AM-4 PM

N.O FEB Leadership Series – COMMUNICATION

Getting there
800 West Commerce Road, Elmwood, LA

13 Powerful Communication tips to Springboard Your LeadershipResearchers tell us that nonverbal cues carry between 65-93% more impact than the actual words spoken. Do you want to connect more with your team? Come learn how you can communicate powerfully, move communication from transactional to relational and: ⦁ Discover non-verbal skills to engage your team⦁ Build long term relationships with colleagues ⦁ Increase employee buy-in of your organization’s mission Effectively Leading Others through Difficult ConversationsHow do you balance leading toward the goal, but building team along the way? Learn proven strategies for day-to-day leadership through coaching and a decision tree when a difficult discussion is needed. And learn how to handle conflict effectively. Discover: ⦁ Strategies for employee engagement⦁ How to connect leaders to front-line employees⦁ How to use feedback for employee retention (All participants get a copy of Bomb Proof Constructive Feedback)