Friday, Jul 19, 8:30 AM-4 PM

N.O FEB Leadership Series – LEADERSHIP

Getting there
800 West Commerce Road, Elmwood, LA

The Socially Intelligent LeaderResearch is clear that those socially attuned make the best leaders –even better than those whose brilliance comes in spades. Can we grow in our social intelligence? The answer is YES! Come join us and learn: ⦁ To set the tone for a united team that gets results.⦁ How to change with today’s preferred leadership style⦁ Tips to grow your social intelligence. About Face Leadership and Listening in an Electronic AgeCommunication is about more than just information; it’s also about relationship. Recognize how our electronic communication culture is impacting your relationships with your employees and your company’s results. Utilize strategy to make Technology work for you, not against you. Discover: ⦁ Leadership styles to connect with employees⦁ Ways to sustain a healthy company culture for profitability.⦁ Techniques to improve the number one skill for business communication success.