Wednesday, Aug 28, 6-7:30 PM

New Orleans Networking Feedback Workshop: Social Media & Follow Up Hacks

Scale Workspace

Get real feedback on your networking skills in this workshop. You'll also learn how to leverage social media to your business and personal advantage when it comes to making the most out of networking events in addition to leaving with more followers and engaging content. Come find out what everyone thinks YOUR handshake, ticks, elevator pitch, and body language says the most. Most importantly, after this workshop you will leave with new friends, social media connections and fresh content, and advocates for your business regardless of how much of an introvert or extrovert you are! The New Orleans group will meet every 4th Wednesday at 6pm unless there is a holiday throwing us off. The meeting will be 45-60 mins with 30 mins of networking. The other cities we will meet in are Lafayette, Baton Rouge, and Sildell. See the group page for info on other city's event details: Several photos and videos will be taken candidly of the group in action. You will be tagged in the photos, so please dress accordingly to your comfort level.Join our Facebook or Linkedin group and meet our past attendees, and get helpful advice, tutorials, and feedback on your online marketing efforts! Linkedin: You can find me, Ali Jones on Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter @CYPHTR Tips: *Have your social media handles at the ready or on your business cards! *Come knowing your elevator pitch: Why you are there, what your current networking objective is, what your current obstacles are to that objective, and how someone could help- This whole thing should be in 25 words or less! *Bring any swag you want to pass out *Wear something you're comfortable being photographed in. *Don't forget your business cards!!!!