Saturday, Apr 6, 9 AM-6:15 PM

New Orleans Royal Princess Ball

Sheraton Metairie - New Orleans Hotel
Getting there
Four Galleria Boulevard, Metairie, LA

Come One, Come All - to our Royal Princess Ball! Please join our Facebook Princess Ball group for fun giveaways and direct contact with the event organizer here. And make sure to click on the "Discussion" tab on our Royal Princess Ball Facebook page to reveal ticket giveaways and resent posts. A day of magical fun for the whole family, brought to you by Dream Parties! You'll get an amazing opportunity to meet and greet your favorite princesses!Dream Parties is bringing to you a one of a kind event with stage performances, dancing, stories, picture opportunities and more
for some magical entertainment !
Your little one will get to participate in princess games, story time sing along, learn some ballroom dance moves and more.
Our event is geared towards your 3 - 7 year old princess fan, though all are welcome! Fun filled and interactive
Princess Balls are our specialty. We bring them to many cities and enjoy meeting thousands of our little friends! Cinderella, Tower Princess, Beauty, Snow Sisters, Mermaid Princess, Sleeping Princess, Snow White, Arabian Princess, Frog Princess and more can't wait to meet you! Come meet us for a day you won't soon forget! Important note: Please look at your
ticket type
for the
and end time to your session.

Here is an example ticket with the ticket type highlighted in yellow and circled: VIP guests get early entrance to the event with limited amount of tickets being sold and a very official Coronation Ceremony, where your child or children will get crowned up on stage with a tiara that's theirs to keep! Please note: By purchasing tickets you agree to the following terms and conditions, which are subject to change without notice: EVERYONE NEEDS A TICKET EXCEPT INFANTS. Infants under 12 months old do not require a ticket. Every child or children in each party, must be accompanied by an adult with a ticket in the same ticket category as the child or children they are accompanying.
Parents and/or guardians must accompany their child or children throughout the entire event. Based upon availability, we allow guests to transfer their tickets to another event and to upgrade their tickets.
Eventbrite has instructions posted

We reserve the right to change the date, time, location, reschedule or cancel this event with a full refund of your ticket price due to unforseeable circumstances, including but not limited to weather, low ticket sales, etc...
At any given event, we make every effort to have at least 10 characters present, which is subject to availability and may vary from our promotional photos. Characters and activities may change from location to location. Start times are approximate, though we make every effort to start within 15 minutes of our stated start time.
If we do have a late start, we will end the event later than stated.
Unless explicitly stated in our event description, we do not serve food at our events. You should plan on eating before or after our event. It is not the intention of
Dream Parties to violate any copyright or trademark laws, so we make every effort to differentiate our characters from all trademarked, licensed or copyrighted characters by using unique names and custom-made costumes, based upon popular fairytale characters that are out of copyright in the public domain. Any resemblance to copyrighted, licensed, or trademarked characters is completely coincidental.
By purchasing a ticket, you hearby affirm that you are aware that we do not represent nor offer any licensed, copyrighted or trademarked characters at our event. Children ages 12 and under may wear costumes; adults should not wear cosplay costumes but may dress in formal wear or business attire, though this is not required. Causual wear is acceptable for all guests.

We reserve the right to refuse entry or remove a guest from our event for any reason. Neither Dream Parties, nor the venue where this event is hosted, are responsible for guest's personal property.
Please keep your personal items with you at all times. By participating in this event, you specifically release Dream Parties and the venue where this event is hosted, from any claims or liabilities of any kind whatsoever, arising from or related to your participation in these activities. By participating in this event, you agree to give consent to Dream Parties, and its authorized representatives, granting them permission to photograph and/or video record your participation in this event. You further agrees that all photographs and materials recorded may be used in any form, as part of any future publication, video, brochure and or other printed material for promoting Dream Parties.
You and your heirs hereby release Dream Parties, its successors, and the venue where this event is hosted, from any liability whatsoever related to these materials and they acknowledge that these materials may be used without any payment of fees, royalties, credit given to your name, or any other compensation, from now through eternity.
Tickets are non-refundable. If you do not agree to any or all of these terms and conditions, please do not purchase tickets for this event.
Thank you for your understanding. ©
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