Wednesday, Sep 5, 9 AM-1 PM

NOEMS 2018 Annual Swim Fitness Assessment

Harry's Dive Shop
Getting there
4709 Airline Drive, Metairie, LA

This annual assessment of your swimming skills and abilities is MANDATORY for anyone currently on the water rescue team serving as either a rescue swimmer, rapid diver, swift-water rescue technician, or any combination of the three.
IF you do not attend this training, your status will reflect inactive and you will not be able to function at your previous level of training on the team during a water rescue event.
By participating in this annual assessment with skills and proficiency checks, it shows true dedication to your service above and beyond the normal call of duty- and your pursuit of excellence through continued training -I truly appreciate each of you for that.

Swimming assessment skills as follows: -

300 yard swim -

50 ft. underwater swim -

20 minute float, no equipment -

30 minute tread with no hands last 3 minutes -

500 yard equipment swim -

15 lb. weight retrieval from depth of 16ft -

Throw Bag drills
Required equipment: -

SCUBA mask (for rescue swimmers) otherwise goggles -

Dive booties, Crocs, or appropriate footwear- (to be determined by dive shop staff) to utilize with our SAR

Shredder Fins -

Snorkel (for rescue swimmers) -

Appropriate swimming attire (indoor heated pool is 88*F year-round) -

Towel for drying -

Water/Gatorade for hydration Parking will be limited on-site and they will be open for business, so I am asking that each of you attempt to carpool with other team members that are planning to attend on your day to participate (meet @ Earhart then carpool with a full load of swimmers). For those personnel wishing to participate that have not yet had formal water rescue training, this is a good event to see where your skills and abilities are at your current level.
Also, by your participation, it may help secure your placement in the next rescue swimmer class that we will host later this fall.
Only those personnel that bring their certified SCUBA cards from PADI, SDI, ERDI, DRI, or other accredited SCUBA agencies will be allowed to utilize Rapid Diver SCUBA equipment at this facility per the regulations provided to us by Harry’s Dive Shop.