Monday, Jun 25, 8 AM-3:30 PM

NOWSEF Wine Tasting Lab – Intermediate Level

Chais Delachaise

Intermediate Wine Tasting Lab - This intensive wine tasting lab will allow serious wine students to learn from the pros. Master Sommeliers Laura Williamson, Sally Mohr, and Wayne Belding will lead a series of structured blind and non-blind wine tasting exercises with lots of opportunity to ask questions and discuss.
Attendees will taste a wide range of wines and work to develop familiarity with the unique combinations of sensory and structural elements that define classic grape varieties and wine origins. Though the primary focus of this lab will be assisting those who are preparing for blind tasting exams in professional credentialing programs like the Court of Master Sommeliers Certified Sommelier Exam or the Wine and Spirits Education Trust Level 2 Award in Wines and Spirits, anyone who is actively employed in the wine, spirits, or hospitality professions may attend. This event is intended for those who are seeking professional credentials in wine service. Since most of the discussions in this intensive lab will presume a solid base knowledge of the major wines and winegrowing regions of the world, it is highly recommended that newcomers to the wonderful world of wines and wine service seek out one of our upcoming introductory tasting events. Attendees will taste, assess, and discuss more than thirty wines. Wine panels will be grouped to emphasise sensory differentiation among commonly confused wines. Panels will include: The Acid Ladder: Graduating Acidity in White Wines (90 minutes) Alcohol Evaluation (60 minutes) The Tannin Ladder: Graduating Tannins in Red Wines (90 minutes) War of the Worlds - New World vs. Old World (90 minutes) Getting to Know the Bordeaux Varieties (60 minutes)