Thursday, Feb 4, 7-8 PM

Online Class: Vegan Biscuit Sandwiches with Dawn Richard & Papa Ted’s Truck

via Zoom

Yelp's Vegan Voyage is making a stop in the port of New Orleans for decadent, overloaded vegan biscuit sandwiches with Papa Ted's Truck. Ingredient list will be shared in your event confirmation. About The Business: Papa Ted's is a vegan food / art truck created to help people lead a plant based lifestyle while also supporting the art community in the process. The idea is simple, create a artistic environment for healthy eating and artistic expression. We offer vegetarian options for people who are making a slow transition to veganism as well. Art is also a huge part of the experience. The purpose of selling art with food is to also give back and shed light on the local artists of new orleans. Papa Ted's is privately owned by pop music celebrity and animator Dawn Richard. Dawn's quest has well over 15 years in the arts and 8 years experience as a vegan. Dawn's background in marketing is also a huge help in strategic planning for social outreach as well. Bonnie Bell Also Known as "Chef Bonnie B," was born and raised In New Orleans. She grew up in a family that used food as a way of gathering and celebration, or just any ordinary day! You could always find a hot meal at her grandma's house. She would feed so many people family, friends, neighbors - to her it was all the same. Food has this way of connecting people to each other and their history in a sense. She is who inspired Bonnie to start cooking. Cooking started off as just a hobby but quickly became something she loves and is passionate about. Bonnie has been cooking for the past ten years and has worked in many different fine dining restaurants and hotels in her career. When she's not working,she enjoys just getting creative in the kitchen and letting her ideas flow free - she just brings it to the plate. She chose to become vegan to take more control of what she was putting into her body and just her overall health and wellness. Being vegan is a journey she learns something new about every day. Bonnie is always ready to try something new or different whether its eating or cooking!