Wednesday, Aug 28, 8:30-10:30 AM

Online Sales Seminar

Entergy Office

Ecommerce is revolutionizing the retail industry as more and more consumers choose to spend their dollars online. As the retail industry continues to become more competitive, it is important to develop a strategic plan to target consumers and make sales. That may include creating an online store and updating your digital content. If you are an online retailer or if you are considering creating an online store, this seminar is for you. At this seminar you will learn: Branding for Google & Online How to Create an Online Store Registering Domain Names, Trademarks, and more Using Amazon and Shopify to Sell Your Products The Online Sales Market Today Technology considerations when Planning an Ecommerce Site The Effective Path to Ensure Your Store Becomes Profitable Speakers: Jennifer John of @[135921876942899:274:Pang Wangle] and @[1664929127066012:274:Fresh Media] Shawn Kelly, @[77605847964:274:Search Influence] Michael Wedge, @[1711749829078524:274:Prytania]