Saturday, Aug 31, 1-5 PM

Operation Restoration

Duncan Plaza

CANS Can't Stand March for Justice Walk-701 N Rampart St (Armstrong Park) 8-31-2019 Operation Restoration is hosting a Non-Profit event in Duncan Plaza. Food and Refreshments no cooking. (10) tents. Recorded Music. Several Speakers. DJ w/amplification 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM Route: 701 N Rampart St (Armstrong Park) Down N Rampart St to Canal St. Lefton Canal. Right on Baronne. Right on Poydras. Right on Loyola. Left on Perdido. ( 1/2 block against traffic) Disband: Duncan Plaza Formation: 1:00 PM Start: 1:15 PM End: 2:00 PM 150 guests, 1 brass band or 1 marching band