Saturday, Jan 12, 10:30 AM-12 PM

Passion for Camellias

New Orleans Botanical Garden

Saturday, January 12th, 10:30 am-12:00 pm Passion for Camellias
Camellias go back over 3000 years originating in the Orient and eventually making their way to Europe in the 1600's and then the US in the 1800's.
Once only a flower available to the wealthy, camellias have evolved into over 20,000 different varieties making them an attractive and affordable plant to include in most gardens today.
Hunter will discuss the three different ways new varieties are created which helped to change what started as simply a hobby or feature in his gardens to quickly emerge into becoming a true passion. He has been asked many times, "What is your favorite flower"? Hunter responds with a smile, "It depends on the next show I attend." He says camellia shows will always have a new beautiful flower that he doesn’t have which is why his collection now stands to over 500 different varieties. Hunter will share a number of his favorite flowers most of which are not available in local nurseries but can be obtained by meeting collectors like him who are most willing to trade scions to graft. He says, "The best way to promote these lovely flowers is simply to share them and the passion we have for them". He says while the rose may be our National flower, Hunter hopes sharing the camellia known as "The Queen of Winter" will help this beauty become America's favorite flower. $15
Hunter N. Charbonnet is President of the Northshore Camellia Club, a member of New Orleans, Gulf Coast, and Baton Rouge Camellia Societies. He is a past Director and Treasurer of the American Camellia Society. Hunter and Meg, his wife, are both certified camellia judges and they participate in shows throughout the south during the blooming season. Hunter’s passion is so deep that he can often times be found collecting and preparing camellias late at night when there is an upcoming show. Although he is experienced in grafting, air layering, and rooting new camellias, he has a goal to develop the art of hybridizing with the hope of creating and registering new flowers for others to enjoy.While camellias may not be designated as Louisiana’s national flower, Hunter hopes that sharing these beautiful flowers with you will help increase the interest in camellias so that they become America’s favorite flower. Location: Garden Study Center, New Orleans Botanical Garden in City Park To register call 483-9473 or email