Sunday, Oct 14, 12-5 PM

Pasta with Freshly Stone-Milled Flour

Bellegarde Bakery
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3609 Toledano St, New Orleans, LA
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Synopsis: In this class, we will make fresh pasta with freshly stone milled flour from Bellegarde. Graison will discuss Bellegardes multi-year journeys working directly with farmers, bloggers, bakers, chefs, and mills to make the best flour and bread in the South. This class will demonstrate the incredible new doors of flavor, texture, health, and possibilities that fresh flour pasta will open in your home, your bakery, or your restaurant. Although cooking experience is not required, having a solid understanding of measuring ingredients and mixing doughs is recommended. Each student will go home with their own pasta machine (if you already have one, you'll save $25 on your ticket.) Topics: History of Flour Milling; Comparative Tasting of Flour and Pasta; Sourcing and Supporting Freshly Milled Flour; Differences between modern, regional, and heirloom wheats; Discussion of Terroir in grains and their flours; Demonstration on how to work with freshly stone milled flours; Discussion of health benefits of stone milled flour (ecology, economy, biology; Discussion of pairing certain flours to certain pastas and foods. Recipes 1. Heirloom Cornmeal Pasta 2. Heirloom Rye Ravioli 3. Durum Pasta with LA Pecan Oil 4. White Wheat Pasta 5. Roasted Farro Pasta