Saturday, Mar 7, 9 AM-6 PM

Pet Evacuation & Pet Shelter Volunteer Training

New Orleans EMS Headquarters

Link: Join NOLA Ready and the Louisiana State Animal Rescue Team (LSART) for a special full day Household Pet Evacuation and Pet Shelter Volunteer training. The training is open to animal care organizations, veterinarians, veterinary students, veterinary technicians, and any pet lover who is passionate about volunteering to help animals in a disaster. The training includes: 4-hour Pet Evacuation Training: The course covers how to set up and operate a pet registration and loading station at a Parish Pickup Point (PPP) or other designated evacuation site ina community to assist with the evacuation of household pets belonging toresidents without means of private evacuation transportation. 4-hour Pet Shelter Training: The course covers the set up and operationof a temporary emergency pet shelter in a community. The goal of this course is to train volunteers for the operation of a co-located householdpet shelter, share lessons learned from past sheltering operations toencourage pet owners to evacuate and take their pets with them, and topreserve the human animal bond. If you have an interest in animal well-being related to emergencies or disasters and a willingness toserve, this training is for you!