Saturday, Oct 13, 8 AM-12 PM

PT Revolution New Orleans

JW Marriott New Orleans
Getting there
614 Canal Street, New Orleans, LA

A FREE, live event for private practice physical therapy owner operators (nothing will be sold) Agenda 7:45am - 8:15am Meet & Greet
Continental Breakfast 8:15am - 9:30am The Purpose-Driven Practice Keys to Delivering Better Outcomes
Build a Better Business through the Science of Business Managing Your PT Business as a Business 9:30am - 9:40am Break & Refreshments 9:40am - 11:30am Market Growth Dominance How to Increase Referrals Significantly Increasing Cash Sales with this Little-Known Secret The New Age of Healthcare & How it Impacts the Future of PT PT-Rx: The Business Model that is Transforming PT 11:30am - 12:00pm The Next Evolution of Patient Care Integrating Balance Therapy in Your Practice Recruiting, Training & Managing Physical Therapists How to Exit Private Practice Physical Therapy with Wealth 12:00pm - 12:30pm Future Action Steps for Success - Q&A Why Attend PT Revolution? Private practice is facing consolidation on a massive scale. Hospitals and physician-owned practices are cornering referrals and mega PT corporations with deep pockets have emerged to RAPIDLY dominate the market. Independents face compliance issues… regulatory changes… insurance pressures, and you have margins that are continuing to diminish, outside of your control while the cost of providing service continues to increase. How will you reward your staff, when your insurance reimbursement is going to be diminished next year? This is a significant challenge that has most PT practice owners wondering “How do I adapt?" With shrinking margins, the typical business owner thinks they can work their way out of it by seeing more patients, or driving more patients into the practice using marketing tactics. These two solutions are the complete OPPOSITE of what needs to be done. The current PT business model is the same model that has existed since 1914: While... Over 90% of referrals come from a physician Over 90% of revenue comes from insurance reimbursement. This business model... is on the verge of extinction. An industry disruption is taking place and most having success today in PT don’t even realize what's coming. Whether you own one location doing $350k in revenue or 10 locations doing $10 million, you may understand what works for you, today… at your level. After working with HUNDREDS of the nation’s most successful practices, we have a different perspective... And we’ve learned what really works. Success in the future of physical therapy is achieved by following a new business model designed to overcome the new challenges in healthcare. This new business model will be revealed in detail at PT Revolution. PT Revolution is a one-of-a-kind, life changing event, hosted by FYZICAL and led by some of the most successful private practice operators in the country. FYZICAL will pull back the curtain to share exactly how you can use your PT practice to realize your dreams. If you refuse to stand by while private practice is systematically eliminated but you want to remain independent, then you need to attend this event. What Will You Learn at PT Revolution?
The Physical Therapy Business Model of the Future. PTRx is a completely reformed PT business model for success today and into the future of healthcare. How to Effectively Manage and Plan For Your Business. You’ll walk away with a business plan containing clearly defined goals
that will help you measure progress and grow your practice. The Answer to Declining Reimbursements. Learn proven strategies for dealing with declining reimbursements including
how you can tap into national insurance contracts... and INCREASED reimbursements. How to Significantly Increase Referrals. Gain insider secrets that will open up new sources of physician referrals and automate a steady
stream of direct access patient referrals. And no, these are not just the shortcuts from marketing companies providing short-term
success. These are long term business answers. How to Create Additional Income Streams. Take charge of your life and control your own
destiny by generating additional lines of cash revenue beyond just insurance reimbursable PT services. How to Conquer the Competition. With this little-known secret, you will conquer Mega PT corporations and hospitals and
position yourself as the leader of PT services in your community into the future of healthcare. Integrating Balance Therapy & Audiology in Your Practice. You’ll discover a balance therapy program unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. You’ll
learn how not to just diagnose, but treat balance patients & the business of balance, which is worth the investment in travel
alone. *By the way, you will also learn how to integrate Audiology as an ancillary service diversifying your revenue. How to Recruit (and Keep) Top Talent. Acquire and retain top talent with this seven-step strategy. You’ll also see how to pay
employees more, including yourself… as well as the exact science behind performance based compensation. How to Increase Freedom of Time in Your Business. Discover how to implement “systems” that put your business on cruise
control. Spend less time running day-to-day business and more time doing what you want, when you want. How to Exit with Wealth. Discover how to turn your company into a valuable asset and create a wealthy retirement program. In
fact, you'll find out about three options for a wealthy exit strategy. Direct Access Technology. Ever sat by the fax machine waiting for referrals? Or look at your schedule and know you don’t have
enough evals? We'll show you the answer to decreasing your dependency on insurance. This technology will help you drive cash
paying patients to your door, become a referral source in your community, build reciprocal relationships with doctors, and
generate additional revenue not dependent on insurance reimbursement. The Answer to Remaining Independent. Consolidation is accelerating. The future of private practice and remaining independent is here. If you do not want to sell out to a large corporate PT business for pennies on the dollar, or be defeated by
POPTs and hospitals, FYZICAL is the answer to private practice success without giving up equity or control of your business. And much, much more… *If you don't feel like you received answers to immediately increase your profitability at the event, we'll
cut you a check for $500 for taking your time to attend this event to cover your time and travel. Are You Responsive to Change? You face a major fork in the road as a business owner. Be the disruptor or be disrupted. The need to understand change in your industry may seem obvious, but such knowledge is not so easy to come by.
This business model is transforming the physical therapy profession, and this is your chance to explore the benefits at PT Revolution.
This event is for private practice owners who want to see what this disruption is all about and actually care about what the future of their business looks like. Those in denial with their heads in the sand... will miss out. Leave your wallet at home. PT Revolution is free and nothing will be sold, but you must be registered to attend.
When Should I Attend PT Revolution? If you are a business owner who has been skeptical about attending a FYZICAL event, we strongly urge you to reconsider.
The FYZICAL reputation has spread to the medical community and FYZICAL is now the fastest growing PT company in the entire world.
The time to act is now. Since FYZICAL launched four years ago, thousands of territories have been claimed, locking out a large number private practice clinics forever. They will never hear about this opportunity again. Because once a territory is claimed, it’s closed.
In fact, many individuals who have tried to attend PT Revolution have already been locked out and are not welcome to gather this knowledge. Sadly, many of these businesses have been acquired or had to close their doors. It’s tough to compete with a small 100% independently owned practice with the same resources of a Fortune 500 company. Just ask these private practice owners about their experience after attending PT Revolution: "My practice has grown from $2 million to $5.2 million in revenue since attending." - Scott Pensivy "Our profitability has grown from 2.5% to 25%." - Brian & Melinda Sganga "We've grown from $873k to $1.53 million." - Michael Shiver & Chris Brunelle "I almost ran my MBA from Notre Dame through a paper shredder after attending this event." - Mike Strakal "My brother and I grew our business from $792k to over $1.4 million. Stop waiting and get to PT Revolution." - Brian Stevens If you are serious about the future of your practice. Don’t wait any longer. You better believe competitors in your marketplace are receiving
invitations to PT Revolution too. If your competition is going to attend PT Revolution wouldn’t you at least like to gather this information before a competitor locks you out? Register Now.