Saturday, Feb 9, 9 AM-3 PM


Canal Street Church
Getting there
4302 Canal St, New Orleans, LA

As many of you know I’ve (Hugh Halter) been on the road the last 15 years speaking and training on the missional nature of God and the church. To date, I’ve clocked 1.8 million air miles, worked with 60 denominations at the top leadership level, and have watched personally hundreds of churches ‘try’ the missional thing…whatever that is. I’m often asked if the missional conversation is over? I’ve seen countless pastors, planters and denominational leaders, who with full heart, run strong into the headwinds of consumeristic, non-missional church, but are now shrinking back to the same ol’ blown out wineskin, because they’ve run out of steam or run into a brick wall.
The Missional Conversation is NOT over, but I do believe God is over our conversation. He’s over us talking about it and not doing it. I believe we are at a crossroads and the faithful missional church will move into the future. I’m seeing amazing, inspiring stories of people persevering and I hope to have a day together with leaders who are ready to get to the second quarter of missional. The part where it takes, and works, and yields fruit. We serve a Missionary God who never changes and who is always at work, and so we know there is a future for The Church. So lets talk about it and get on to doing it. *Look Into the Future. 7 FOR SURE’s that you must adjust ministry around *Best Practices. Unearthing the best church stories I’ve seen to date *Dead Bones. The Structure of mission. Family Tree vs. Old Boys Club *The Art of Suffering…Leaders living above cynicism. *The New Mammon: Money in a pure mission field *The Discipleship Myth: Defining it & Doing it Doors will open at 9:00 am for check-in with session beginning at 9:30 am. A one hour lunch break will be provided.