Saturday, Sep 7, 7-1 PM

Raw Oyster Cult with special guest Dave Jordan

Chickie Wah Wah
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2828 Canal St, New Orleans, LA
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New Orleans is known for its legendary supergroups. The latest and one of the greatest ever is Raw Oyster Cult, featuring members of The Radiators frontman and guitarist Dave Malone Reggie Scanlan on bass Camile Baudoin on guitar and vocals and drummer Frank Bua,Jr and newest member Michael "Mikey B3" Burkart on keys. Raw Oyster Cult was put together by Malone to provide an outlet to continue performing the classic Rads tunes that so many fans miss hearing. They also plan to write originals, put a different spin on favorite older songs and work up brand new tunes written or co-written by Ed Volker, the Rads' prolific songwriter. It's great rethinking Rads songs, says Malone, tweaking arrangements and even adding vocal harmonies, something the Rads were not really known for. We're all really enjoying playing together and can't wait to see what new tunes emerge. One thing is for sure: A Raw Oyster Cult show makes a joyful noise!