Saturday, Sep 14, 7-10 PM

Redd Linen Night Presents: ADORNED

1712 Oretha Castle Haley Blvd

To celebrate the history and beauty of tattoos and body adornment throughout the African diaspora, Ashe’ Cultural Arts Center's Redd Linen Night presents ADORNED. This event will feature some of the city's most talented African American tattoo artists such as Bryan Brown, Ceaux Young, Mecca, Roman Joseph, Jay Ross, and Sergio, and sounds provided by DJ Chris Stylez. Attendees can observe and engage in a multitude of sensory experiences curated around the art of body adornment on black and brown skin such as tattoo models, art and historical exhibits celebrating body adornment's origins in Africa, a panel discussion, live entertainment, drinks, and live tattooing/ henna application! Small flash tattoos (from preselected designs) are available with admission & a raffle will be held to win a larger tattoo piece by one of the featured artists. ADORNED will also honor pioneer Jacci Gresham who made history as the first ever black woman tattoo artist in the country and owner of the oldest tattoo parlor in Louisiana. ADORNED is sure to be a memorable night etched into the minds and hearts (and skin!) of all who experience it!