Sunday, May 5, 12-2 PM

Renowned Artist and Master Printmaker Brad Faine to Share Exquisite New Works at Martin Lawrence Galleries in New Orleans

Martin Lawrence Galleries
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433 Royal Street, New Orleans, LA

Renowned Artist and Master Printmaker Brad Faine to Share Exquisite New Works at Martin Lawrence Galleries in New Orleans New Paintings-including ‘Censored Graces’ and ‘Parking Lot 13’-will be showcased at MLG’s New Orleans location, in the heart of the French Quarter beginning with an artist reception Sunday, May 5th “I attempt to create images that contain texts that contradict, question or are critical of the visual content."-Brad Faine British artist Brad Faine is well known for the original digital pigment prints he creates exclusively on the computer, each the first-generation image. In the tradition of Andy Warhol's "Diamond Dust Shoes," Faine has unveiled a striking series of abstract prints created with diamond dust. Diamond dust is a glittering material, applied to paper and ink in the silkscreen printing process and used to create a textured and luminous finish. Because of diamond dust, many of his images offer a unique second view when seen from a side angle Faine’s subject matter through the use of social, historical and popular references-serves as a reflection on the human condition. “Parking Lot 13” explores spectacular non-figurative works, popping with color. The image represents Faine’s abstract side-the only artwork in the exhibition that does not include some figurative elements. “Censored Graces” consists of multiple compositions segued together into one seamless presentation, and visually articulates a number of the aesthetic graces that hint at the human confrontation with morality. Both pieces offer the viewer a completely different look when seen from a side angle, thanks to the diamond dust Faine deploys. "Even though I generate the majority of my images on a computer, I still consider myself to be working within the tradition of ‘easel painting.' As I enjoy and am committed in the making and manipulation of objects. I also believe that it is important to actually work on the making of images, as the process invariably leads to the discovery of new ideas, and hopefully helps to produce something that is a pleasant surprise and not a slavish facsimile of the point of departure; indeed, it is often the case that the residue of an idea leads to ideas"-Brad Faine Brad Faine was born and raised in Brighton, England, studied Fine Art (Painting) at Leicester College of Art, and over the decades rose to what he is today-an internationally recognized artist and printmaker. For 40 years Faine was the managing director of Coriander Studio, one of Europe's leading printers and publishers of fine art limited editions, specializing in serigraphic and digital prints. During that time, he continued to work as a painter and printmaker in his own right. His works are held in many private and public collections in the UK, the USA, and the Middle East. Since 2005 his limited editions have been generated exclusively on computer and exist only in digital form. All of his prints are first generation images and not reproductions of pre-existing drawings or paintings. Brad Faine – Meet the Artist Opening Reception, Friday, May 5th, 2019 12:00 - 2:00 pm RSVP (504) 299-9055 Martin Lawrence Galleries 433 Royal Street, New Orleans, LA About Martin Lawrence Galleries Since 1975, Martin Lawrence Galleries (MLG), headquartered in Greenwich, Connecticut with nine galleries nationwide including New York, Chicago, Dallas, Las Vegas, New Orleans, San Francisco, Costa Mesa, La Jolla, Maui and online at, has assisted and advised collectors in acquiring fine art. (MLG), with its unparalleled collection of treasures, specializes in unique paintings and limited-edition graphics and sculpture by Warhol, Haring, Murakami, Chagall, Picasso, andErté. Over the last 15 years, it has lent nearly 250 artworks by 16 different artists to 32 museums around the world, and proudly publishes works by artists including Kondakova, Hallam, Bertho, Fressinier, Lalonde and Deyber. Follow Martin Lawrence Galleries on Twitter @TwitterMLG, Facebook @martinlawrencegalleries, and Instagram @martinlawrencegalleries. For further information and images contact: Katia Graytok T. 203.989.2073