Sunday, Oct 18, 2020 12 AM

Rivertown Theaters for the Performing Arts presents: The Quarantunes Cabaret


Ricky Graham in musical lockdown with the socially-staged-distanced Ashley Lemler & Jefferson Turner. After months of being in quarantine, Ricky Graham has emerged with a new cabaret show along with fellow hermits Ashley Lemler (Mama Mia) and Jefferson Turner (Scrooge In Rouge, Gone Pecans). Together they'll make us laugh as we remember the stress of dealing with overeating, TV binge-watching, hyperactive children, underactive spouses, and loads of alcohol! But being from New Orleans we know there's a funny side to everything -- and a sense of humor is what always gets us through. Expect music, laughter, and a sensation of getting back to (the new) normal All audience members must wear a face mask upon entry and during the performance. Click HERE for tickets.