Saturday, Mar 16, 9 AM-12 PM

Serving & Preserving Our Environment: An Education Field Day forthe Diocese of Louisiana

St George’s Episcopal Church
Getting there
4600 St Charles Ave, New Orleans, LA

Rt. Rev. Marc Handley Andrus, the eighth bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of California, to be the keynote speaker and leader of this event. Bishop Andrus is a leading voice within the Episcopal Church and The Jesus Movement, focusing his leadership on key issues related topeace and justice, including immigration reform, civil rights for LBGTQ+ persons, health care, and climate change. More recently, his climate advocacy work has taken him to the Paris UN Climate Conference in 2015 (COP21), the 2016 conference in Marrakesh (COP22), the 2017 conference in Bonn (COP23), as well as the Dakota Access Pipeline demonstrations at Standing Rock, North Dakota. We have also invited a speaker fromthe Tulane University Bywater Institute to share their work on water studies and coastal erosion, which impact many of us in Southwest Louisiana. Contact Deacon Joey Calavijo at