Saturday, Dec 15, 6:30-10 PM

Snow Ball : A Winter Renewal

The Music Box Village
Getting there
4557 N. Rampart Street, New Orleans, LA
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Don your furs and sprinkle snowflakes in your hair, or mask yourself in the spirit of winter. Join our Snow Queens including Queen Koldmadina,Pandora Gastelum & others as we journey toward the close of year, and mark the passage of seasons with ritual and spectacle. Waltz with us in our tropical tundra inhabited by a Music Box Village Orchestra animating the musical houses: Teddy Lamson Sabine McCalla Tasche De La Rocha Bride BENNI Alli Logout (Special Interest) Britt Martin and Bryan Cooper from Black Magic Drumline of Southern City Colleges Ha Sizzle Julien Fried Givonna Joseph & Aria Monette of OperaCréole and more!! Dance & Movement performances by Triple Threat NOLA and Ryuta Dutah Iwashita Suderman Art & Performance by Glitter Box N.O. : Alice McGillicuddy & Kate McCurdy,Marcela Lineiro Singleton, Pandora Gastelum (the mudlark public theatre) The winter's renewal is upon us. The trees are baring their forms, and what of ourselves? It is time to rest and reflect so that when spring does arrive it gives us a new birth. Join us to mark the coming season with communal dance, invocation and magic. The Village will be a winter wonderland full of tropical icicles, falling snow, and sizzling snow queens. A giant cast is coming together to create this night with music, performance, group singing, and faux ice skating. During this season we are close to the veil between worlds. To enter a new world (and to enter the ball) - take a new form for the night. Don your masks and spin your shimmering cloths. As you take stock of what you have and what you really need, reflect on these posessions. To purge is also to renew - bring your like-new jackets and toys to us on the night of the ball or sooner. We will distribute them to our neighbors in need at our free Music Box holiday throwdown event the following Tuesday, December 18th. It's time to let in the spirit and share it! This winter invocation will punctuate the night. Shed your leaves, roll down your sleeves, knock your knees, and consider your deeds. The new year comes to set you free, put aside all the me me me. Give to the world! It will give back to thee.