Sunday, Aug 12, 11 AM-4 PM

Sourdough Bread Intensive

Levee Baking Co.
Getting there
3824 Dryades Street, New Orleans, LA

Due to the nature of long, overnight fermentation, this class is designed to allow you to see the whole process, but backwards. We want you to leave feeling empowered about how to understand and make bread using an old world fermentation technique. We will start with scoring and baking a loaf, shape focaccia, mix your own dough,
refresh mother (that we provide and you can take home with you), the slow process of bulk proofing without traditional kneading,
discuss baking bread in your home oven,
then we'll finish shaping bread (that you take home and bake in your oven). Mixing and shaping will be done by hand, using a digital scale. We will try to harness both skills of intuition and science to show the full spectrum of this style of bread baking. The important thing is to get hands on experience and familiarize yourself with the whole process. You'll go home with: Fresh bread! A mother A boule (with a banneton) and focaccia dough to bake at home A recipe for simple bread & mother maintenance