Friday, Aug 31, 2-3 PM

Southeast Louisiana Native Culture

New Orleans Jazz Museum
Getting there
400 Esplanade Ave, New Orleans, LA

Grayhawk Perkins presents a program highlighting Native American History, stories, & music of Southeast Louisana area from past to present
on Friday, August 31 at 2pm at the New Orleans Jazz Museum. Admission is $8.00 at the door (cash) or online here. Admission includes
entrance to the Jazz Museum exhibits. About Grayhawk Perkins: Grayhawk Perkins is best described as a “21st Century Renaissance Man” Born in New Orleans to parents from the Choctaw and United Houma Native Nations, Grayhawk had the unique experience of growing up surrounded by an extended family that included naturalists, storytellers, and visual artists. Grayhawk grew up to become an internationally recognized authority on Southeastern Native American and Colonial cultural history. He has written and performed popular music in New Orleans for many years, as well as throughout the United States, Asia, and Europe.