Monday, May 6, 2019 9 AM

Southern Startup Road Trip!

Launch Pad

We have planned office hours for any founder of the startup community to come in and get venture / general fundraising / technical / operational help while the Southern Startup bus is in town! There are a variety of individuals who will be here to offer advice and support. Please check out the bio's, then sign up for the corresponding time slot! Here is the bio of the individuals holding office hours that will be coming: Here is the signup sheet for office hours at Launch Pad: About Southern Startup Road Trip is coming through New Orleans as one of the 6 cities. This tour brings very successful founders, angels, VCs, and others from the coasts to middle America to build connections and value. It is sponsored by corporations, ECs, and the tour attendees themselves. Attendees so far (it is limited to 20 folks): Former founders who've raised over $100M (three YC alums and two techstars alums), a VC, an MD, major corporation and startup support, and several angels. Founding CEOs of Apptimize, Firebase, and Keen. Also founding CEOs of Formspring and + two as yet unnamed/stealth companies. Please RSVP: