Saturday, Jun 23, 10-11 AM

Special Event: Howard Pink and His Musical Garden Hoses

Howard Pinks program is built around the history and development of the French Horn. The informanceh includes: Singing; Storytelling; and Musical Magic. In addition to playing the French Horn, Howard astounds his audience by showing and playing a number of other fun and interesting instruments: A Conch Shell; A Cow's Horn; A Rams Horn; A 3 Kudu Horn; A 15, Wooden Alphorn; Plastic Soda Straws; Twirling Tune Pipes; Hunting Horns of Old; and his famous, old, green, musical, Garden Hoses. The performance is fast-paced, entertaining and EDUCATIONAL. Your lips will be buzzing with excitement after viewing his performance. Registration is required for large groups of 5 people or more. Please call the Children's Department at 849-8813 to register.