Wednesday, Mar 13, 5:30-7:30 PM

Stop the Jail Expansion in New Orleans [How to]

Propeller Incubator
Getting there
4035 Washington Avenue, New Orleans, LA

The Orleans Parish Prison Reform Coalition (OPPRC) has joined forces with over 40 organizations to demand that plans to expand the local jail cease. The Coalition collectively represents the interests of over 40 local organizations, people directly impacted by mass incarceration, and community members. Recent Court orders present the City with an opportunity to find a solution to the continuing crisis of safely housing people with mental illness in the jail that does not have to involve expanding the jail. The authority to enforce the bed cap and oppose an expansion lies with City officials. The recommendation for expansion exacerbates many factors that led to violence and deaths at the jail, including the critical staffing shortage. Empty jail beds are a stream of revenue and will be used if they are available. We are taking a stance to fight against the attempt to over-criminalize and over-incarceration New Orleans residents. This town hall will encourage solutions-oriented discussions with legislators and members of the public around public safety, human rights, and funding. We will leave with policy recommendations elected officials. Hope to see you there! Read the open letter signed by 44 organizations to the City of New Orleans: