Saturday, Sep 29, 8-10 PM

SUCCUMB: A cabaret benefit for InFringe Fest, at Bar Red Redux

Bar Redux
Getting there
801 Poland Avenue, New Orleans, LA
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A sexy variety cabaret in benefit of November's Infringe Fest New Orleans. Co-produced by Bar Redux and InFringe Fest, organized by Clove Productions. BAR REDUX IS AT 801 POLAND AVENUE, NEW ORLEANS CONFIRMED TO PERFORM.... Jaciel Beltre and Gliinn Oak Wind of Jack and the Jackrabbits [music] Velma Blair (Mint Bryan) [drag] Escapade-esque (Dusten Wilson) [music] MJ Gaudet [music] Adelle LeWhodatier Gautier [Eartha Kitt] Jack Inman [burlesque] Michael Martin [God knows] Persé Fanny [burlesque] Rochelle McConico [comedy] Stoo Odom [naked music] Lisa Pasold [French poetry] Richard Mayer is your gracious host. #InFringe2018 #FavorTheBold