Thursday, Jun 24, 1 PM

Sunday is Not Always Their Sabbath Day: Ministry with Young Adults Working Nights and Weekends

Loyola University New Orleans
Getting there
6363 St Charles Ave, New Orleans, LA

How do we accompany young adults who work nights, weekends, and other unique schedules? How can churches best minister with those serving in the military, in medical professions, in emergency services, in restaurant and hospitality industries, and those working multiple jobs, taking evening classes, or whose work extends into the night shift? When Sunday is a work day or when time and financial constraints prevent young adults from engaging in ministry, how do we best engage, support, and walk alongside them as brothers and sisters? This webinar will explore that topic with a panel of pastoral leaders engaged in this outreach. To register to attend this webinar GO» Hosted by USCCB National Advisory Team for Young Adult Ministry and the Loyola Institute for Ministry, Loyola University New Orleans