Tuesday, Oct 27, 2020 10 AM

Thai Kathine Festival Sunday Oct. 27th starts 10am

Wat Wimuttayaram Buddhist Temple of Louisiana, Inc.

All are welcome! We invite you to join us for a day of celebration, entertainment, great food and to share in our good Karma! Kathine ("Kathin" in Thai), is a buddhist celebration marking the end of the rainy season, where for three months Monks are required to remain in a monastery. During this festive occasion, the community comes together to show their gratitude to the monks and "make merit" by offering gifts. "Making Merit" is said to bring good things and build "good karma" for your life. The main offerings are the monks Robes. Each monk receives three robes - the only clothing they will have for a year. Please join us for this festive occasion and experience a taste of Thai culture! All are welcome!