Saturday, Apr 4, 2020 5:30 PM

The 40 50 50 60 70 Decades Party

Carrollton Station
Getting there
8140 Willow St, New Orleans, LA
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We're all getting older, but this year 5 of us are changing decades in a two month period, so we decided to celebrate together. Come help us celebrate. Dress in the fashion of the decade you were born in, or if you don't like those fashions or you don't want people to know what decade you were born in, dress in the fashions of your favorite decade. Again, we're old so drinking starts at 5:30 but will go late into the night (y'all know Mitch, right?) Food, drinks, fun times and the sounds of Radiobird Quartet will play around 7. They say only the good die young, so you can see where that leaves us . . .