Sunday, Jun 23, 7-9 PM

The Big Easy Insider Tour: The Locals Experience of the French Quarter

1200 Decatur St
Getting there
1200 Decatur Street, New Orleans, LA

Visit New Orleans like a real local and learn where all the locals' secret sweet spots are with this insider tour. Learn about New Orleans' history along with detailed stories of events that made New Orleans become the city that it is today. During this tour you are encouraged to eat, drink and most of all have fun along the tour route! This tour is considered a five in one tour. It contains all the best of the best rated French Quarter tours with a spice of something EXTRA! Guests will enjoy being entertained while learning and laughing all along the tour route. During the tour learn history, hear about NOLA's notorious paranormal and supernatual side. Of course no tour of New Orleans would be complete without hearing and learning about the voodoo that was practiced on a regular basis from as far back as the late 1700's and still takes place in New Orleans today. Your tour guide will point out where the first regular Voodoo ceremony's actually took place each and every Sunday. - Guests will learn about Marie Laveau the Voodoo Queen during the Voodoo portion of the tour. On of our groups and the tour guide that attended this tour love sharing this story! - A fun memory- this was a very small group and they decided they wanted to stop and try Oyster Shooters from one of the restaurants that has a bar located inside. Everyone was blown away by this Oyster Shooter, and it took the tour guide three tries to swallow the shooter. The guests laughed and laughed at the guide who have such a difficult time getting that Oyster Shooter down!! Not only a ton of fun, this tour is more like having an instant NOLA friend show you around and ensure that you learn and experience as much as possible the amount of time we have during this tour. So many travelers visit New Orleans and miss out on the best spots in town and do not learn about the city simply because they have no idea where to start... Look no further my friends. This tour is for YOU! Enjoy a tour where learning is intoxicating.