Thursday, Feb 14, 5:30-7:30 PM

The Bubblyothèque Blind Tasting Game, hosted by Champagne Cupid!

Swirl Wine Bar
Getting there
3143 Ponce De Leon St, New Orleans, LA

We might all have different feelings about Valentine's Day, often dependent on our current relationship status. But one thing we all love is champagne! To mark the occasion, we're going to do a little twist on the usual Flight Night format. You'll still get 3 champagnes, but we're going to do it Blind Tasting style. Instead of approaching each one with information and preconceived notions, open up your heart to love, acquaint yourself with each wine, and figure out which one you want to build a future (or at least a one night stand) with. Once you've picked the winner, we'll pull back the curtains and let you know what you picked - and what you passed up! However, acknowledging the very valid feelings of those who think the whole holiday is an exercise in mass consumerism and devoid of any true emotion, we will dispense with the artifice (but not with Cupid) if you say "Nevermind the love games, just bring me champagnes!" You'll know what you're drinking from the start and can forget about all the lovers around you and their silly blinded-by-love antics. Lastly, we'll have a special glass of rosé champagne on offer by the glass (or bottle) if you want to just go over the top with all the pink hearts and love (or if you just want more champagne). The flight of 3 wines is $25 and reservations are required - only 24 spots available! Class Policies:-As with all of our tastings and classes we ask that you not wear perfume, cologne or any other strong scents that could interfere with the wine's aromas for you and those around you.-Refunds can be made with a minimum 3 days advance notice. Credit cannot be given towards future classes.