Saturday, Jun 23, 10-11:15 AM

The Code Club Workshop @ ALA Annual 2018

Launch Pad
Getting there
643 Magazine St, New Orleans, LA

Prenda is coming to ALA ANNUAL 2018!
Come hang out with us!
We're running two sessions of "The Code Club Workshop." Think of it like a crash course on how to run a computer programming club at your library. It's hands-on, it's interactive, it's fun, and who knows, maybe I'll bring some snacks to share.
Oh, and best of all, it's free.
We're running a 10am session and an 11:30 am session. Both are limited to 20 people, so register ASAP! __ This is for: All you youth/teen/adult services librarians who have been interested in running a code club, but are too intimidated by the topic. Come learn the program model that makes it easy to pull this off. All you amazing librarians who have bootstrapped your own code club but want to see how others are doing it and get better.
By the end of the workshop you'll say something like... "Coding isn't as scary as I thought! I can totally run a code club at my library," "I could use some of these ideas in my code club,"
or, "Those Prenda guys are the coolest people I've ever met."
Okay, maybe not that last one, but guaranteed, you'll have a great time and this whole coding thing will become much less nebulous. You'll be well on your way to starting or improving a transformational STEAM program at your library. We learn best by doing, so we'll spend most of our time actually coding and building something awesome. At the end we'll leave some time for people to share their projects on the big screen. Don't worry, no experience required! __ DETAILS This event is off-site. We're reserved a meeting space
at an office just a couple of blocks from the New Orleans Convention Center. Google says it's a 12 minute walk (.6 miles).
Easy, right? Bring your own computer.
You're going to be coding. Bring a laptop. Tablets or iPads will only work if you have a keyboard and mouse. If you want to come but don't have a laptop let me know. There will be snacks. Is it even possible to learn how to run a code club without snacks? Doubtful.
Cost: FREE You read that right. Buckle up, it's going be a wild ride. __ REGISTER Space is limited to 20 people per a session, so register now. Bring friends and colleagues and make an afternoon out of it.
Email Luke with any questions at