Sunday, Apr 28, 2019 1 PM

The Dead Wedding (Black Hack 2ed)

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During the wedding of the Marquis Aeolis and Lady Torc, Chancellor Sophronia Wort is betrayed by her constructed son, Torcul Wort. The following events take place within a few seconds: 1. Chancellor Sophronia Wort is about to marry the happy couple. 2. As the couple are about to kiss, Sophronia recognizes the rising whine of the Golden Machine. 3. She stops time for the couple just before they kiss. 4. She runs to illegally hide her soul for safekeeping. 5. The Empty Knight observes her crime. 6. The wedding party is destroyed, souls blasted out as golden ghosts. Sophronia's body is burnt but her soul is safe in hiding. 7. Sophronia flees the Empty Knight and hides in a hidden vault. Recently your party of adventurers have found themselves lost in the Maze of the Blue Medusa. Many years have gone by but the Blue Medusa has not forgotten her disdain for Sophronia Wort, the Lying Lich. Upon finding you wandering the maze, a moon-headed man stops you and offers you a deal: "Find a way to rid us of Sophronia Wort and her soul. If you survive, the Medusa will let you leave." This will be a one-shot, one session, adventure using the Black Hack RPG 2Ed, set in the Maze of the Blue Medusa adventure setting. No prior experience is needed to play, and the GM will have dice available. Pre-generated characters will be available in the following Black Hack classes: Warrior, Cleric, Thief, Elf, Dwarf, or Halfling. Please RSVP and stay tuned for potential updates!