Saturday, Dec 22, 2018 9 PM-Sunday, Dec 23, 2018 1 AM

The Dirty Rain Revelers Live In Concert

Fontaine Palace Nola
Getting there
218 South Robertson Street, New Orleans, LA

Based in New Orleans, The Dirty Rain Revelers embodies the unified musical collaboration of husband/wife team, Matthew and Melissa DeOrazio, both on guitars and vocals.
The couple met on a gig in Austin in October 2005, a post-Katrina love story set to music.
Melissa has family roots in TX and grew up in Austin; Matthew was retreating and recovering from the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.They quickly began performing, recording and touring as Melissa on the Rocks.
After a year and a half, Melissa and Matthew joined in marriage in 2007, and moved back to New Orleans.
As two independent artists from divergent backgrounds, they felt compelled to merge their styles to create a sound more representative and ultimately more rewarding.After 8 years under the name Sweet Jones, they felt it was time to hit the refresh button again.
A variety of reasons went into the decision, between internet visibility, changes in the line-up, and the subtle shifting of sounds over time.
In autumn 2016, they changed their name to The Dirty Rain Revelers.