Thursday, Sep 19, 8:30-11:30 PM

The Dirty Rain Revelers

Portside Lounge
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We're back at Portside Lounge to share our monthly musings on music and the meaning of life! Join Melissa and Matthew DeOrazio on these rootsy-bluesy-moody explorations and meditations. Craig and co. will be behind the bar mixing up inspired spirits; and if we're lucky, Danny will have his famous, family-recipe red beans & rice to share, always on point! Good times abound at our favorite neighborhood night spot. Roots-Rock Americana based in New Orleans, featuring husband/wife team of Melissa & Matthew DeOrazio on guitars and vocals. Roots Music Report says , "Melissa DeOrazio’s vocal persona, simultaneously youthful and world-weathered, and spouse Matthew’s pinpoint, Knopfler-esque guitar generate all the incandescence needed to light up a constantly charming, soul soothing mini-set."