Thursday, Nov 5, 2020 12 AM

The JPAC presents: The American Soldier


In honor of Veterans Day, Jefferson Performing Arts Society will present a "tour de force" solo performance by Douglas Taurel based on letters from soldiers from the American Revolution to Afghanistan. The American Soldier has been performed at The Kennedy Center, Off-Broadway, The Library of Congress, American Legion National Headquarters, and in 17 cities and 13 states across the country for the past five years. Nominated for an Amnesty International Award, The American Soldier is a one-man dramatic production that reveals the struggles American soldiers face at war, exploring the bravery and the difficulties our veterans with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and their families face when they try to come back home and re-enter civilian life. Whether he is portraying a mother visiting the Vietnam War Memorial or a soldier in the jungles of Vietnam, Taurel shows the lasting effects of war on soldiers and civilians alike. While there are moments of intense stress and sadness, there are also moments of awareness, awakening, and pride from soldiers who find out what camaraderie, loyalty, and perseverance means through their experiences in training and battle. Purchase tickets HERE .