Wednesday, May 13, 2020 8 PM

The New Orleans Bounce Remix Championships: 90s Edition

The Maison
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508 Frenchmen St, New Orleans, LA
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We are proud to announce the first New Orleans Bounce Remix Championships hosted by Mannie Fresh. A 32 person elimination tournament to crown a local bounce remix producer Champion! We have all been to a club in New Orleans at some point and heard a popular song that was bounced out...where a local producer would remix the song by laying it over a traditional bounce beat and giving it that local New Orleans vibe. Could be any song, if it has a standard 4/4 beat it can be bounced out. The purpose of this tournament, aside from just being a fun distraction, is to see who can bounce out the wildest songs in the most creative ways. The winners will be decided by a community vote. THE RULES -To make things entertaining for the first tournament the theme will be BOUNCE VS. THE 90s. Competitors must select a song that was released during the 1990s. It can be any song. Using only the track they select, the 2 traditional bounce samples...the Triggerman Drag Rap Beat and the Brown Beat...and 10 select samples from Mannie Fresh’s catalog WE will supply, competitors must produce one bounced out remix per round. -Competitors will go head to head each round. The audience will vote on a winning track and the winning producer will advance to the next round. -The tournament will begin Monday night May 4th at 8pm. The 1st round will play out Mon-Thurs, with Mannie Fresh playing 4 match ups (8 songs) on his live stream per night. We will then post the songs online and the public will have 24 hours to vote. At 8pm the next night we will announce the winners who advance to the next round, and Mannie will play the next batch of remixes. The 2nd and 3rd rounds will play out Mon May 11th - Thurs May 14th. The final championship round will take place Mon May 18th. THE PRIZE Aside from the prestige of winning the first Bounce Remix Championships there will be a minimum $1000 in cash prizes for the final 2 competitors to start. 1st Place - $750 2nd Place - $250 We will also be selling gift cards for several local businesses over the course of the tournament. 20% of all sales during the week will go to the competitors competing in these tournaments. The competitors can also accept individual donations throughout the duration of the tournament. SIGNING UP If you are a local producer and wish to participate, potential competitors can sign up here We are also requiring all producers sign up for an artist profile on Culturalyst if they want to accept individual donations.!/directory LOCAL SPONSORSHIP AND BUSINESS SUPPORT If you are a local business and would like to participate by offering a gift card, or you are interested in sponsoring this tournament and future tournaments message us for more details @ And check out our site for more information on this tournament as well as other upcoming tournaments we are planning. TO PURCHASE A GIFT CARD TO SUPPORT THIS EVENT Go to This event is brought to you by: The Maison Mannie Fresh The New Orleans Lifestyle Culturalyst Frenchmen Street Live