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The Power of Your Personal Brand in a Corporate World

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In the fast-paced and highly competitive world of business and marketing, we all deal with so many principles and thought patterns. Some are new shiny objects to measure, some ideas may be tired and ineffective, and some should probably never even be discussed again! However, lost in the shuffle of marketing metrics, creative design and ROI is the power of your personal brand in the business world. This is not only for the Kardashians, or big mouthed politicians seeking your vote - it is an essential business tool for all of us. You have one now, whether you know it or not! The only real choice is whether to be proactive or allow the rest of the world to dictate your brand in the marketplace.
About Chris Chris Donaldson is an education entrepreneur, popular keynote speaker, teacher and business coach, real estate consultant, and a leadership expert. A businessman with a teacher’s heart, everything Chris touches begins and ends with the goal of helping you achieve what you want. Jumping into the world of real estate while still just a college student, he quickly transitioned his love of teaching to become one of the youngest certified real estate instructors ever in his home state of Louisiana. Now the CEO of Donaldson Educational Services, Founder/CEO of Donaldson Training Solutions and active real estate broker his daily mission is to make YOUR life and career better. Passion and enthusiasm to help others are evident in everything Chris does. Whether that simply means helping you obtain that new license you desire, making sure you understand your license requirements, compliance, and continuing education, or doing his part to help you excel with “next level” training to help you succeed – it is all under the umbrella of the businesses and efforts Chris works on each day. The goal is simple, that someone benefits from any one of the programs, courses, books, free content, or anything else that is created by Chris and his amazing team. Chris currently lives in New Orleans Louisiana with his beloved “watchdog” Putter. While not working on his businesses, he enjoys golf, fitness, and not burning down the kitchen trying to cook. Giving back to the community through various charitable foundations is always at the top of mind, especially those which can directly affect the lives and futures of those the organizations serve.