Sunday, May 19, 8:30-11:30 AM

Transmedia Storytelling: Creating a seamless, digital museum experience.

New Orleans Museum of Art
Getting there
1 Collins Diboll Circle, New Orleans, LA

Description Sunday, the 19th of May 2019, from 8:30 am to 11:30 am in New Orleans, at the NOMA Cafe 8h30 > 10h: Breakfast & discussions 10h > 11h30: Concrete use cases & participants' work-in-progress projects Transmedia Storytelling: Tips & challenges to creating a seamless, integrated transmedia experience Meeting the needs of an ever-increasing tech-savvy audience Short description of the session and what to expect The social role of museums and cultural institutions is changing - not only because of digitization but also because of how today’s youth and young adults get inspired by and linked to both historic and contemporary museum collections; and incorporate social media into their experiences. The success of museums is increasingly linked to the "experience promised" to visitors. The use of modern technology and everyday-media creates a facilitated access of visitors to the museum and vice versa, access of the museums to their visitors. There are numerous exhibit-communication possibilities, within and outside of an exhibition.The role of museums is changing and it's an exciting time to think of new information-delivery concepts and visitor experience opportunities. The perfect integration of "classic exhibition" and state-of-the-art multimedia technologies is the key to success! We will present and discuss some examples from different countries and different points of view. We will then ask participants to work in small groups, providing them with an exhibit topic, a space, a set of constraints; and asking them to diagram a transmedia storytelling experience. We want to enhance participants' understanding of the museum visit continuum, encourage them think about the visitor's journey and how digital elements and experiences may enhance – or hinder – the visit and information-retention. ________________________________Speakers: David Whitemyer is a licensed architect with nearly twenty-five years of experience in museum planning, exhibition design, and project management. He is the Director of Business Development at Luci Creative, an exhibit design firm that serves museums and corporations. David teaches two graduate courses for the Museum Studies program at Johns Hopkins University. He is an established writer, with articles featured in Exhibition (National Association of Museum Exhibitors), Perspective (International Interior Design Association), Iowa Architect, and the Harvard Business Review. Ségolène Valençot - In charge of international projects at Wezit, a transmedia solutions company located in the Nantes region (France). Initially trained in the field of cultural and artistic publishing, before joining the project management at the international level for the museum sector. Ségolène is Wezit's ambassador, keen to develop the best options for transmedia solutions for museums and cultural sites. With 10 years experience in project management in the cultural sector, she specialized in setting up educational and entertaining tours, conceptualizing "augmented reality" experiences for cities, museums and zoos, in helping cultural institutions to improve the visitor experience. ________________________________ Save the date and register! We will send you more detailed practical information a few days before the event. Hope to see you there, David Whitemyer & Ségolène Valençot For any information: /