Monday, Aug 31, 2020 6 PM

Virtual/Zoom Event: Eric Jay Dolin in Conversation with Jack E. Davis: A Furious Sky: The

Garden District Book Shop
Getting there
2727 Prytania St, New Orleans, LA

Monday, August 31st 6:00PM CT Eric Jay Dolin in conversation with Jack E. Davis discussing his book, A Furious Sky: The Five-Hundred-Year History of America's Hurricanes. This event is free, however an RSVP is required. Limited space is available. RSVP Here A Furious Sky is a magisterial, sprawling account of how hurricanes have shaped American history, from the arrival of the first Europeans on these shores to our own era of global warming and mega storms. "Hurricanes are-have always been-an integral, inevitable, and painful part of the American experience," Dolin observes. In recent years, this has proven especially true, as record-breaking hurricanes, from Katrina to Dorian, have made headlines across the country, burrowing into the national psyche and leaving devastation in their wake. Like clockwork, every spring-after the computer models have been run and scientists scrutinize the numbers-weather junkies feed off predictions for the upcoming hurricane season. Yet, despite vast improvements in forecasting the dangers of incoming storms, we still get clobbered by these behemoths. Beginning with the nameless storms that threatened Columbus' New World voyages and forced him to become one of the first hurricane forecasters (for which he was later accused of sorcery), Dolin repositions our understanding of American history through the eyes of the storms we've weathered.