Saturday, Dec 15, 1-6 PM

Voodoo Garage Sale & Open House

Bloody Mary Haunted Museum
Getting there
828 N. Rampart st, New Orleans, LA

Run Over to our Voodoo Garage Sale ! So many Goodies!! Its our Yule Party, Shopping Gala, Open House & Psychic Fair And Sign up for your free ticket here and go into the free prize drawing cauldron there! We are adding a Voodoo Bake Sale to sweeten up the season, buy our old junk and new, Local voodoo art and oddities too , Come for Fun, spirits, Voodoo stuff, Great vintage apparel, even mystic awareness. Marvel at magic pop-up classes as surprises, tour our open House (Haunted House), try remote viewing or other paranormal advances. Mesmerize at the psychic fair; meet our mystics who will read you there - try some tea , throw ''dem 'bones, and get that Christmas uncrossing before you go back home. Come find that perfect gift for the friend or foe that is is just too hard to shop for- oh My! We have all the Voodoo stuff and Mystic gifts you'll need, gathered near. Voodoo Boxes and Spirit bottles, old books and brimstone or gris-gris and Ju-ju waiting for you ; Wing of bat and eye of newt are quite the score, newt is scarce this year but we have it all at the Voodoo pharmacy and so much more Maybe you need a Bloody Mary full Voodoo ritual kit especially f your prosperity or love life is turning to .... Specialty hoodoo Candles, potions, powders, charms, bones and baubles and fresh made Voodoo dolls. - Crystals, gems, sterling jewelry and ouija boards Our elves are working steadily till the day is here so put us in your calendar and Come share Christmas cheer! Free admission to all, and a la carte goodies to boot Look for after party Pop -up add ons and prizes too Rain or Shine