Friday, Mar 22, 7-10 PM

W.O.M.E.N {Waiting On Mine Every Night}

Dillard University
Getting there
2601 Gentilly Blvd, New Orleans, LA

Cursive Art Theatre Company would like to formally extend an invitation to our Spring 2019 production of an original piece titled “W.O.M.E.N: Waiting On Mine Every Night.”. Come join us as we gather to celebrate hard work and dedication from an uprising Black Owned Theatre Company. The event will take place in our grand city of New Orleans,
at the Illustrious Dillard University in the Cook Building. A little bit about us and the play
- Cursive Art Theatre Company was founded by Rachel Ridgeway & Darleny Del Rosario, both Dillard University graduates, and their mission statement “Seeking to promote higher education, imagination, creativity and modern pieces of art. Cursive Art wants to re-instill morals and values into generations to come.”

For the past two years, we have been working on an original play with music and dancing involved that talks about friendship, love, parenthood and family with five African American women as the main characters •W is for Wanda. She is a nurse who believes that losing weight will make her beautiful so that she can find love. Waiting to lose weight or awaiting a mans love means nothing if she doesn’t learn to love herself. •O is for Olivia who is an established lawyer and is currently waiting for her boyfriend to propose to her. Her relationship takes a turn when lack of communication becomes second nature. How will they move forward? Or should I say, how could they move forward? •M is for Maxine. She’s a hairdresser stuck in the middle of everything happening in her life. She is currently trying to maintain her happiness with the opening of her new/dream shop, while holding on to a secret that could destroy her marriage. •E is for Eva. She is a rapper who has been waiting for her big break in the music industry, but has lost herself throughout the process. As she submits to terrible management, that
upgrades her physically while stripping her of the one thing she’s
had, her voice!

•N is for Nicole. She is a single mother who has devoted her life to raising her son. She has waited so long, she’s forgotten what it is to live for herself as woman. She isn’t reminded of herself until she’s forced to face the very moment that changed her life. Thanks for purchasing your tickets! Make sure to invite a friend or family to the next show!