Tuesday, Nov 12, 8 AM-4:15 PM

Wired Differently Seminar: New Orleans, LA 12 NOVEMBER 2019

Sheraton Metairie
Getting there
4 Galleria Blvd., Metairie, LA

REGISTERING WITH A PURCHASE ORDER? To submit a registration form along with a purchase order, click here. We also accept registration forms and school purchase orders by fax, mail or email (pd@accutrain.com). Order processing fee does not apply to purchase orders. All prices are quoted in US Dollars. Studies show that approximately 20 percent of all students are diagnosable for a mental, emotional or behavioral health issue. This seminar will help counselors, teachers and other professionals understand how to support and teach this high-potential portion of the student population while avoiding an unmanageable classroom environment. In a single classroom, it is quite conceivable that a teacher might be dealing with 4 or 5 different disorders. Some of the most common challenges mainstreamed in the classroom tend to be: Anger Disorders Bipolar Disorder Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Oppositional Defiant Disorder Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder ADHD Anxiety Disorder Asperger’s Syndrome Borderline Personality Disorder Reactive Attachment Disorder These issues are often undiagnosed and easily misunderstood — and may be responded to as simple discipline issues. Behaviors that tend to be common to students who are wired differently include: Disorganization Perfectionism Trouble dealing with change Performance and testing anxiety Social anxiety Over- and under-reacting to adults and peers The goal of this seminar is to provide you with key insights and approaches to help you prevent disruptions and distractions, while maximizing the abilities of students with these unique challenges. View clips from previous seminars and webinars. SEMINAR LOCATIONS See All Seminar Locations Here. ABOUT THE PRESENTER Mike Paget, M.Ed. Mike currently works as a state consultant for students with severe emotional and behavioral problems. He has worked with ODD, CD and other special needs students for more than 25 years. Mike is an innovator of effective approaches for working with extremely challenging students. He has conducted seminars across the U.S. and Canada for educators on creative techniques for managing classroom behavior, student aggression and crisis intervention. He is co-author of the books, Aggressive and Violent Students and Defying the Defiance. AGENDA View the Wired Differently Seminar Agenda here. SEMINAR OBJECTIVES In this one-day seminar, you will learn: Common misunderstandings educators sometimes have about these students Why traditional policies and practices often fail with these students Do's and don'ts for supporting these students with dignity and respect: Assisting with organizational challenges Building an environment that minimizes perfectionism Controlling change, while helping students deal with it Creating a climate that strikes a balance between challenge and support Helping smooth social interactions Reducing stigma and creating a respectful climate with a particularly "challenging" classroom situation Practical ways to prevent students from riding the "mental health escalator" Other successful approaches to reach students with emotional, mental and behavioral challenges DOWNLOAD A BROCHURE WHO SHOULD ATTEND School Counselors School Social Workers Principals and Administrators Special Education Personnel At-Risk Coordinators After-School Program Coordinators Community Youth Program Coordinators Faith-Based Youth Program Coordinator Teachers Substance Abuse Prevention Coordinators