Sunday, May 12, 2019 1 PM

Women in Nature Kick-Off: Audubon Park

Audubon Park Trail

This is a FREE meetup for adult women that will meet regularly for guided reflection, connection and slow to moderate hikes in and around New Orleans. Nature provides the perfect backdrop to unplug from the hustle, ground into the stillness, bask in gratitude and open our minds and hearts to awe, wonder and transcendence. Can you think of a better setting to prioritize self-care, move our bodies, and connect with others and the natural world? This will be a 1-2 mile easy to moderate hike around Audubon Park. We will send exact meetup location to attendees 2 days prior to the event, then will start gathering at 12:45pm, start intros at 1pm, get grounded, offer a reflection to discuss while walking through the trails with a new Wonder Woman friends, stop for reflection, and circle up for 20-30 minutes of connection and meditation, then step back into our day with a little more JOY in our step! Most of the trail is well maintained dirt, but there are areas where we may walk over a rocky areas as well. Everyone is responsible for taking care of their physical needs, and we recommend that you bring: - Comfortable walking or hiking shoes - 2L Water - Hat - Sunscreen Optional: snacks; hiking stick or pole. ABOOUT YOUR ORGANIZER: Rhonda spent many years of living two distinct lives; one as a successful business leader in a corporate setting while juggling the challenges raising a young man on the Autism spectrum, and one searching for every opportunity to immerse herself in nature to re-charge, whether that be the neighborhood trail system, hunting for the most non-commercialized yet accessible beaches or wandering around the vastness of the Blue Ridge Mountains. In 2017 she changed that and began integrating the two, doing more and more of her work in nature. . She also led the co-creation of Austin's WeWiN Meetup: . CONSCIOUS COMMUNITY: Our intention is to build an active, harmonious community of diverse, interesting women by offering meaningful activities in Nature that allow our members to come together to have fun, while nurturing our minds, bodies, and spirits. Our desire is that this investment of time and energy will make it easier for us to open our hearts to forming new friendships that lead to lasting and meaningful relationships. Our goal is that every member feels comfortable and able to become further integrated into the WeWiN community. We welcome participants stepping forward to share their gifts by co-leading events with the community. All members are asked to not post or push promotions or sales pitches in order to promote authentic connection and openness. We further remind all members to keep personal conversations shared at events confidential. All women over 18 are welcome regardless of race, creed, color, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, political affiliation or disability. NOTICE OF ASSUMED RISK: Meetup, Inc. and Women Empowering Women in Nature (WeWiN) do NOT maintain health, auto, home, life, accident, or other insurance policies applicable to members of this community. This is a notice to you that risks associated with your participation in WeWiN events, and participation of your guests in WeWiN events, are solely your responsibility. Attendance at an WeWiN event is your acknowledgement that you understand that you assume all risk, and that you release WeWiN and members of WeWiN from any and all liability for personal injury, property damage, or death. WeWiN urges members to obtain insurance BEFORE participating in WeWiN events if you feel it necessary to have insurance applicable to such participation.